Case Studies

How we helped...

A client started to work with us after becoming very disillusioned with his previous accountant who he had used for many years. He was concerned in particular that his accountant could not explain where he was in terms of his CIS returns and the amounts he owed to HMRC. After taking over, we quickly discovered that his affairs were indeed a cause for concern. For VAT purposes his sales were on a cash basis and his purchases were on an invoice basis. There was a huge balance on the suspense account, monthly CIS returns were not being submitted and penalties and interest were being incurred. And these are only some of the most glaring errors. There were lots more besides. When we brought all of this to the client’s attention, he told us that his worse fears were confirmed.

We began by getting his financial records up to date, putting VAT matters on a consistent basis and implementing a proper system for timely submissions. We also gave him a timeline so he knew precisely when deadlines fell for the submission of returns and the payment of tax.

As a result of our work the client now has a much better understanding of where he is financially, he is fully up to date and is a lot less stressed. Furthermore, he has ambitious plans for the future which he knows we can help him achieve.

How we helped...

A husband and wife business with ambitious plans for growth had been using an accountant for many years who they regarded as a close business adviser. However, when they began using online software, they discovered he wasn’t able to answer their queries even though he had recommended it. They also began to lose confidence in him because he was late in advising them about liabilities, with a result they incurred penalties and interest.

When we took over we carried out remedial work on their online software and bought it fully up to date. We provided training to improve their use of the software and taught them how to interpret their accounts. We took over the processing of their payroll for them and claimed a substantial account of statutory maternity pay.

The business owners are still incredibly busy but their efforts are directed at what they do best. They can rely on their accounts showing an accurate view and do not have to worry about getting surprise demands from HMRC.

How we helped...

A wealthy businessman died, leaving the family business and the rest of his estate to his three adult children. The family solicitor who was engaged to obtain probate and administer his estate calculated the liability to inheritance tax at over £100,000. Fortunately, one of the family had the good sense to ask us to examine the calculations. We discovered that the solicitor had got it badly wrong. In fact the liability to IHT was nil. This meant that the family benefited from £100,000 which otherwise would have gone to HMRC as a routine payment without the error being detected.

How we helped...

Two IT specialists encountered serious problems when the local university slashed their expenditure on IT projects. They had to lay off all their staff and go into survival mode, concentrating on the company’s core activities and making plans to move to smaller premises as soon as their existing lease had expired. They displayed incredible fortitude and determination during a very difficult time.

We helped them establish their new direction and put together a prioritise action plan. They changed their accounting system from Sage desktop to QuickBooks online so they could take advantage of bank feeds to speed up inputting. We have regular meetings to review their performance and keep them on track to meet their goals.

How we helped...

A man with a long experience of running his own business in the construction industry had a difficult time when his marriage broke up. He asked for a meeting with us because he felt that he was working long hours and not making any money.

We reviewed his customer base and his method of pricing and identified that the main problem related to one particular customer who screwed our client down on price to the point where the work had become un-economic. The discussion with us gave our client the confidence to stop working for that contractor and to develop his work with other customers. After the meeting he told us that our help and advice had changed his life and he felt a lot more positive about everything.